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Our Vendors

Milkbox Bakery is keeping it real.  Supporting local farms and food producers not only drives our local economy, but also reduces environmental impact through minimizing the negative effects caused by excessive transportation and distribution.  Iowa's farmers and food producers are a talented bunch -- their products are simply of such a high quality that purchasing locally is a no-brainer.

An amazingly high percentage of Milkbox Bakery's food costs are kept in the state.  Simply put, if it can be sourced locally, it is.  Milkbox Bakery is proud to support the following farmers and food producers. 

  • Hansen's Farm Fresh Dairy.  This Heritage Farm is now raising the seventh generation of Hansen's on the family land, less than 20 miles from Milkbox Bakery.  Their dairy herd originated in 1953, with creamery production introduced in 2004.  With on-farm bottling and processing facilities, Hansen's dairy products are impossibly fresh . . . and delicious.  Milkbox Bakery goes through a decent amount of butter, milk, and cream, and frankly, it's Hansen's or bust. 
  • Early Morning Harvest.  Early Morning Harvest is a small family farm near Panora, Iowa raising vegetables in an aquaponics greenhouse, pastured poultry for egg production, and flours made from certified-organic grains (wheat, rye, buckwheat, and cornmeal).  No synthetic chemicals are used on their farm, with their highest priority being to care for the land and their animals so that the food they grow for us is fresh and healthy.  Oh, and they grind their own grains into flour with a stone mill!  Unbelievable.  Milkbox Bakery is delighted to use Early Morning Harvest's flour and grains.  The quality of their grains and flours is unparalleled. 
  • Golden Ridge Honey.  This Century Farm operated by Manley and Linda Bigalk is situated just outside of Cresco, Iowa.  With over 50 years of experience working with bees, these guys are pros!  The respect with which they care for their land and hives is reflected in their superior honey.  You can find Golden Ridge Honey for sale at local Fareway Stores, or baked within our multigrain and honey whole - wheat breads.  
  • Andrew Schechinger Andrew is an enterprising young man with a large flock of hens which just so happen to lay the most delicious eggs.  Milkbox Bakery is proud to feature these eggs whenever the recipe calls for them. 
  • Farmtable Procurement & Delivery. Sourcing, procuring, and delivering high-quality local foods is Farmtable's business.  They allow farmers to be farmers and bakers to be bakers.  Thank you, Farmtable!
  • Milkbox Bakery greenhouse and gardens.  With a wide array of organically grown herbs, edible flowers, fruits, and vegetables growing within an arm's reach of the bakery, these items make their way into products and inspire menu items with their seasonal beauty.