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About Us


We believe in good food: food that is made with integrity, from scratch, using honest ingredients produced by folks that are getting paid for their skills and labor.  

  • We bake early and often to provide you with fresh food.  
  • We believe in supporting the local food economy by sourcing from area farmers and vendors whenever possible.  Our flours, grains, milk, cream, butter, eggs, honey, and produce are all sourced locally. 
  • We believe in real food - honest ingredients that contain as few chemicals, preservatives, or additives as possible.  Many of our ingredients are certified organic.
  • We roll old school.  Good bread takes time . . . often days from start to finish . . . and pastry skills can take years to acquire.  We're patient.  We work hard because we like to.  We think you'll taste the difference.  
  • We believe in small footprints.  "Doing as little damage to our environment as possible" is our credo behind all business decisions.  Our packaging is compostable and/or recyclable and route optimization is used for delivery planning.  Who knows?  You might even see us making deliveries by bicycle.


    Milkbox Bakery is a bakery with a new business model: an inspected and licensed commercial kitchen designed and built for an existing addition to the owner/baker's house.  We have no on-site retail space, but will look forward to hand-delivering your orders.


    There are various subscription packages available to choose from, for example: bread only, pastries only, bread and pastries.  You get the idea.  (Check out our current offerings under the "Subscription" menu at the top of the page.)  Current subscribers will receive a handcrafted milkbox to use for receiving deliveries.  Milkbox Bakery will deliver your order on a set day each week for 12 weeks.  After 12 weeks, you will have the option to sign up for another subscription term if you like.  If you opt not to continue your subscription, we will respectfully appropriate your milkbox to another customer. . . yet, we will miss you.



    Beginning Monday, April 18th, 2016, individual loaves of Milkbox Bakery's bread will be available for purchase at Hansen's Dairy Outlet on 18th Street in Cedar Falls!  We are ecstatic about this partnership.  Bread and butter under the same roof. . . it's a natural and beautiful pairing. 


    In addition to bread, Milkbox Bakery produces unique desserts and pastries.  Please see a sampling of our menu items under the "Specialty Desserts" menu at the top of this page.  More items will be added daily, so be sure to check back.  Also, if you don't see something that your little heart desires, please inquire.  If it's something we feel we can do well, we will.  Special orders are delivered locally only, require 48 hours notice, and a $25 order minimum. 


    If you think we can be an addition to your menu or business, please inquire.  



    Andrea Geary discovered a love for baking early.  After graduating from high school, she began taking it a little more seriously.  Throughout college, she learned, played, and experimented with food.   Friends, and then, friends of friends began asking her to bake, and offering money in return.  What had previously been a passion, turned into a business.  This went on for several years, before Andrea admitted to herself that she might want to be a baker when she grew up.  A year's stint at a well-respected bread and pastry shop confirmed her suspicions.  

    So, Andrea opened her own bakery.  This is a photo of an old photo of her (on the left) with one of her favorite employees.  Despite the long hours and hard physical labor, Andrea loved the bakery and the business was a success.   

    Andrea sold the bakery when she moved back to her home state of Iowa. . . and she's been itching to get back at it ever since.  Hence, Milkbox.