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A beautiful Saturday morning

  Catching my breath on a beautiful Saturday morning, I have a few updates to share. *Last night's Self-Help International fundraiser was a great success. The cupcakes were all glammed up, and found Gary Kroeger hilarious, as always. Thank you to Self-Help for inviting us to be a part of a fabulous evening! *I've been busy working with the Hansen's Farm Fresh Dairy store in Cedar Falls to prepare for Monday's roll out of Milkbox Bakery Bread. Monday is shaping up to be a great day.  *Local and organic grains and flours from Early Morning Harvest were delivered by Farmtable Procurement & Delivery. It's terribly...

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Milkbox Bakery is born!  Welcome, and thanks for joining us on this journey.  It's an exciting day for Milkbox, to be sure.  A few dates which may be of interest: Friday, April 15th: Milkbox cupcakes at Self-Help International's Annual Dinner.  It's a 1920's themed fundraiser, so grab your feather boa and pearls and come celebrate.  More info on Self-Help's website. Monday, April 18th: Milkbox bread debuts at Hansen's Dairy Outlet on 18th Street in Cedar Falls.  We'll start with only a few select varieties for sale this week and adjust as needed.  Be sure to stop down and check us out!...

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