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A beautiful Saturday morning


Catching my breath on a beautiful Saturday morning, I have a few updates to share.

*Last night's Self-Help International fundraiser was a great success. The cupcakes were all glammed up, and found Gary Kroeger hilarious, as always. Thank you to Self-Help for inviting us to be a part of a fabulous evening!

*I've been busy working with the Hansen's Farm Fresh Dairy store in Cedar Falls to prepare for Monday's roll out of Milkbox Bakery Bread. Monday is shaping up to be a great day. 

*Local and organic grains and flours from Early Morning Harvest were delivered by Farmtable Procurement & Delivery. It's terribly fun working with such talented folks doing good work.

*In the flurry that was this week, there were a couple glitches with the website. Folks that signed up to receive a notification when the website went live, did not. I'm working to remedy this. Additionally, incorrect prices were published on the bread subscriptions. This has been addressed, and the prices now listed on the website are correct. Check it out!  

*Delivery on subscriptions begin next week. The handcrafted milkboxes are done! Thank you to Tom Geary and Stephen Beck for their time and expertise. The milkboxes will be headed out to subscriber's front stoops this week!

Your baker,

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